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Book Marketing Tips: Promote Your Books for FREE with Amazon Author Central

Many new authors fail to take advantage of all of the FREE resources that are available to help them to promote their books. I usually see two mistakes here though. Either an author fails to create a FREE “get to know the author” page on Amazon OR an author mistakenly assumes that this resource fulfills the need to have an author website. If you are an author with no website and JUST an Amazon Author Central page, we will help you in another post. Here we will strongly encourage that EVERY AUTHOR uses this valuable FREE resource.

What makes this resource so valuable is that it is at the POINT of SALE. Imagine someone in the book store and they are trying to choose between two books that appear to be equally sufficient to meet their interest or need. So how will they decide which one to choose? Now imagine that they could push a button and have the author talk to them to help them understand more about how their book delivers. WOW! That’s huge. If only one author is available to give this insight then guess what book gets bought?

Now this is basicly what happens virtually on Amazon every day. There are millions of books to choose from. And there could easily be hundreds (or thousands) on one topic of interest. But with a simple click on the author’s name the reader (buyer) can virtually “connect” with the author’s picture, videos, blog feed, and other social marketing links. So without any real effort on your part… can virtually be there “in the store” helping the customers who take a peek at your book to get to know and trust you and  to know why they should buy it.


So if you haven’t done this yet, go to AMAZON AUTHOR CENTRAL and get your Author page set up. Explore all of the ways that you can share a virtual “piece of you” with the person you are trying to help or entertain.


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