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Free Book – How to Create a New Information Product in 90 Minutes Or Less



Learn how to create an information product in less than 90 minutes. There is a little known and little thought about technique you should learn and stick by in order to create multiple products in a months time. It is easy to do and you don’t need to buy any additional information to learn to create a killer product. This product will help you to build a passive income and teach you how to make sales off of existing customers and the customers of other experts in the future.

Free Today on Kindle: Books: Tips, Stories, & Advice on Writing, Publishing, & Promoting by Dan Poynter



Scores of successful, published authors reveal the inside secrets to their achievement.

You will discover:
• 38 Tips on how to write
• 11 Tips on why you should write
• 4 Tips on why your writing project should be a book
• 21 Tips on what to write
• 7 Tips on doing research
• 9 Tips for building your book
• 3 Tips on Copyright
• 10 Tips for finding the right agent or publisher
• 6 Tips on book promotion
• And much, much more.



Book Marketing Tip: Start Using KindleGraph
to e-sign Your Books

This is an amazing free service that enables you to personalize an e-signing of your book for fans who purchase your book’s electronic version. You can receive requests from readers to “e-sign” your book. This is just one of those technological innovations that make you say “wow.” Take a peek at the video explanation and start taking advantage of this really cool free tool that gives you one more awesome way to have quality interactions with your book readers/fans.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


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