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Did Someone Steal Your Book Title?

Titles cannot be copyright protected. Which explains why you may find more than one movie, book, song etc. with the same name. Only the actual work product can be copyright protected.

So how do you protect that awesome book title that you came up with ??


This is the cheapest and best investment you will make in the marketing of your book. Most traditional publishers will actually require it. By owning the domain that spells out your title you have the opportunity to brand your book and to make it easy for buyers to find you.

If your title is: “How To Lose Weight” ……………… then register/reserve the domain: You don’t even have to set anything up yet. Just make sure your awesome title is protected and reserved so that when you are ready to market your book, you have a domain to match. You should also reserve your name. Your fans will eventually start to look for other books by you. And they will type in your name to find you. So if you are: Jane Doe then register your domain before another Jane Doe beats you to it.

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