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Start Your Own Radio Show to Boost Your Business

No matter what your area of interest or expertise, you can connect and bond with your target market by establishing your own podcast program/Internet Radio Program. Your own program gives you the opportunity to promote your business, book or services. It also gives you the opportunity to interview people of influence in your target market/subject area. Your credibility is fortified as you add this unique credential to your bio.

Create a Radio Show and Reach Millions

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Did Someone Steal Your Book Title?

Titles cannot be copyright protected. Which explains why you may find more than one movie, book, song etc. with the same name. Only the actual work product can be copyright protected.

So how do you protect that awesome book title that you came up with ??


This is the cheapest and best investment you will make in the marketing of your book. Most traditional publishers will actually require it. By owning the domain that spells out your title you have the opportunity to brand your book and to make it easy for buyers to find you.

If your title is: “How To Lose Weight” ……………… then register/reserve the domain: You don’t even have to set anything up yet. Just make sure your awesome title is protected and reserved so that when you are ready to market your book, you have a domain to match. You should also reserve your name. Your fans will eventually start to look for other books by you. And they will type in your name to find you. So if you are: Jane Doe then register your domain before another Jane Doe beats you to it.

Go daddy offers some of the best customer service on the planet 24/7. Which will come in handy when you are working on setting up your websites. They also have the best prices. Click on the banner below to register your domains now and receive a big discount.

Protect your name – Reserve your Domain
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Can Postcards and Bookmarks sell your book?

There are several printed items that can help you to market your book. You can print postcards to hand out at gatherings and at networking events that direct traffic to your book website/blog. You can also use bookmarks to help “spread the word.”

Budget Prints offers discount pricing on Bookmarks & postcards, etc.

Sitewide - Save Up to 70%

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WOMEN ONLY – Authors and Entrepreneurs – FREE HELP!

“Imagine 20+ Entrepreneurs All In A CANDY Truck

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Get FREE TeleCall Training from 20+ women entrepreneurs sharing tips and
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It’s called “Pink Candy” and this year’s free event has a specific theme of “organization.”

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FREE Programs for Authors –
Plus Publishing Contract Contest

One of The Best FREE Resources for Authors and Aspiring Authors 

Get Your Book Proposal In Front of Eckhart Tolle’s Publisher Amazing

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Have you ever wanted to write, publish and market a book that
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Can You really make 6 Figures with an eBook?

This is of course such an alluring concept….to create a useful and informational eBook and then to generate a 6 figure income from it. But if anyone has done it and has taught others how to do it – … is Tiffany Dow and Ellen Violette – The eBook Coach herself. To find out more about Tiffany’s Strategy and Ellen’s Strategy for authors see:

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Should You Get an Author’s Trademark?

Authors may think that Trademarks are only necessary for Businesses and product names. However, authors need to determine carefully if a Trademark may be in order.

If you are developing a book series such as: “Chicken Soup for the ____” or “_____ for Dummies” then you need to legally protect the brand that you are creating. Also, as you begin to become well known as a writer you will also want to protect your name. Many famous authors trademark their names to protect themselves from having their name misused. is an easy resource to consult for any Trademark Inquiries or filing needs.