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Want a Celebrity Endorsement for your Book?

Most new authors are curious how some authors get celebrity endorsements. The answer: They ask for them. If you think there are some celebs that are good candidates for endorsing your book, contact their reps. and ask if you can submit your book to them for review. You will never know unless you ask.

This is the best resource that we have found to get Celebrity Contact info:


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Will People Really Judge Your Book by Its Cover???


No matter how awesome your book is – the reality is  – that your cover is the FIRST IMPRESSION. Just as we judge people, we will often judge the quality or appeal of a book based on the first impression we get from the cover. So you really do need to make sure that your cover is attractive to your target market. And your cover needs to project an attitude that will resonate with your ideal buyer.  Here are some resources to help you to create appealing covers for ebooks and print books. Make sure you don’t lose any potential buyers that could benefit from your book.

Online 3D eBook Cover Creator
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Make Your Own Ebook Covers (with Free software!)
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Get Killer Covers for Your Product & Sell More!
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Is Your Book Title Protected???

This is more important than you may realize. Titles cannot be copyright protected. Which explains why you may find more than one movie, book, song etc. with the same name. Only the actual work product can be copyright protected.

So how do you protect that awesome book title that you came up with ??


This is the cheapest and best investment you will make in the marketing of your book. Most traditional publishers will actually require it. By owning the domain that spells out your title you have the opportunity to brand your book and to make it easy for buyers to find you.

If your title is: “How To Lose Weight” ……………… then register/reserve the domain: You don’t even have to set anything up yet. Just make sure your awesome title is protected and reserved so that when you are ready to market your book, you have a domain to match. You should also reserve your name. Your fans will eventually start to look for other books by you. And they will type in your name to find you. So if you are: Jane Doe then register your domain before another Jane Doe beats you to it.

Go daddy offers some of the best customer service on the planet 24/7. Which will come in handy when you are working on setting up your websites. They also have the best prices. Click on the banner below to register your domains now and receive a big discount.

Protect your name – Reserve your Domain
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Should you worry about a Copyright?

The answer is YES!!! Technically the moment you create your work, you own the copyrights to it. However, should your ownership ever come into question, how will you prove that you are indeed the rightful owner? This is why you need to register your copyright declaration as soon as you have completed your book. If you anticipate major structural changes after editing, then wait until you have your polished work. If you are essentially done, go ahead and register your copyright to protect your ownership rights.

Copyright applications can still be done the old fashioned way, by mail. However, with new technology comes progress at the Library of Congress (LOC). The LOC’s United States Copyright office is now online. If you choose to file your copyright applications online, you will not only save money but will also get your certificate faster. Your date of registration will be based on when the Copyright office receives your documentation.

For more information on Copyright registration or to file an application go to:

The United States Copyright Office.

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Need Help to Finish Your Book ???

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Protect Your Company and Book Name

Is your desired name or Company Identity available? was designed to instantly show you if your desired or branded username was available at the majority of the top social networking websites. By typing your username into the “chk” search box, it will query all the social sites listed on the page and display whether the username is taken or available.

Is your book title protected?
You should also make sure that you immediately reserve the domain name that represents your book title. This will be a critical tool in your marketing plan. Use THIS GODADDY LINK to check if your domain is available and to reserve it at a deep discount!

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How to Market your Book on a Shoestring Budget will now start featuring Dynamic Marketing Resources designed to help authors finish their book, publish their book and most importantly SELL their book even if they are on a shoestring budget. Most resources will be FREE and others will be low cost with extremely HIGH value and marketing power.